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summary: multidirectional hillshade, shaded relief, elevation, topographic, SRTM, NED
tags: ["world","multi-directional hillshade","multidirectional","artistic","next gen","shaded relief","relief shading","terrain","basemap","elevation","topographic","map","AFA250_base","esri_basemap\u200b"]
snippet: multidirectional hillshade, shaded relief, elevation, topographic, SRTM, NED
type: Map Service
accessInformation: Sources: Esri, USGS, NGA, NASA, CGIAR, N Robinson, NCEAS, NLS, OS, NMA, Geodatastyrelsen, Rijkswaterstaat, GSA, Geoland, FEMA, Intermap and the GIS user community
guid: ACB8421A-A368-4B13-B513-AB6BE4B0B20C
title: World Hillshade
thumbnail: thumbnail/thumbnail.png
extent: [[-179.999988540844,-88.9999999216112],[179.999988540844,88.9999999216112]]
description: This map portrays elevation as an artistic hillshade. This map is designed to be used as a backdrop for topographical, soil, hydro, landcover or other outdoor recreational maps. The map was compiled from a variety of sources from several data providers. The basemap has global coverage down to a scale of ~1:577k. In North America, South America, Africa, Australia, the East Indies, New Zealand, islands of the western Pacific, in most of Europe and continental Asia the coverage is available down to ~1:144k. In the United States, Western Europe, Finland and Norway coverage is provided to ~1:18k. Additionally, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland and select areas of the U.S. are provided down to ~1:9k. For more information on this map, including the terms of use, visit us online.
name: World_Hillshade
typeKeywords: ["Data","Service","Map Service","ArcGIS Server"]
spatialReference: WGS_1984_Web_Mercator_Auxiliary_Sphere
culture: en-US